First Grade

Throughout the year students will work on clapping and playing simple rhythms using quarter notes, quarter rests and eighth notes.

First grade students learned the song "I'm an Acorn". We talked about Oak trees and even cracked some acorns outside. The students played woodblocks, single tone blocks and double tone blocks as an accompainment to the song. Listen to Mrs. Peirce's 2017 class sing "I'm an Acorn"

Students will sing some Halloween songs.
Listen to 1S sing Hurrah for Halloween (2017)

Starting in October, the students will start learning the Maurice Sendak songs, "A Alligators All Around" and "Chicken Soup with Rice".
The students will study African music and learn about different African Drums
They will sing African songs during the month of February and March.
Kye Kye Kule, Eh Soom Ba, Sorida, Obwa se me sah, 


talking drumjembe