The students will be learning many songs, playing simple percussion instruments and moving to music   this year.
Here are the songs we 'll be singing
Hello Everybody
This Land is Your Land (chorus only)
Old Brass Wagon

Shake, Shake the Apple Tree  

(we use Percussion instruments that shake: bells, tambourines and maracas accompaniment)

1 Little Skeleton: Listen to K Shaw and K Apollos students sing this song ( 2017)

5 Sense:
The Kindergarten students learned this song to enhance their health curriculum and to reinforce the projects they are doing in Art.
Listen to K Mckenna sing this song. ( 2017)

What is your Language?
Children will use the microphone and sing a solo line to this song.

and Yellow, Green and Brown
  Children will learn about different leaves and how to sing a downward melodic melody. Listen to KE and KG sing this song.(2017)



All I Really Need:  a song about food and family.
Listen to Mrs. McKenna's class 2014 sing this song

Engine Engine #9 students will work on keeping the Steady Beat


The students will sing a Hanukkah song( Light the Candles), a Kwanzaa song  and two Christmas songs; Must be Santa vs. 1-4 and Jingle Bells.
Listen to K Shaw students sing Light the Candles(2017)

Students learn a song about Martin Luther King
"The Wind is Cold", using bells and rhythm sticks by Mrs. Apollos' class (2018)

Students are singing and playing  the "Snowman" song on step bells. The 1st part of the song moves upward in pitch and the 2nd part of the song moves downward in pitch.
Listen to Mrs. Ellis' class sing this song