September 4

Happy Labor Day Weekend!  We have been hard at work preparing to welcome our students back and, before the long weekend officially begins, I wanted to share a few key pieces of information about our first week of school with all of you.

First Day
Tuesday, September 8th, is our first day of school and will be virtual.  At 9:30 AM I will be hosting a webinar to welcome students back to school.  Please use this link to join:
Passcode: 317692

Homeroom teachers will be hosting welcome sessions where they will share tours of their classrooms, provide information about drop off and pickup, a glimpse into a day in the life of a student in their room and answer questions.  In an effort to avoid conflicts using technology at home, the virtual school day welcomes will be spread out in the following manner and teachers will send the Zoom link to join each session:

10:00 – Kindergarten
10:45 – grade 1
11:30 – grade 2
12:15 – grade 3
1:00 – grade 4
1:45 – grade 5

Regarding specials, we have decided to put off the first special subject sessions until the afternoon of Sept 10. This will provide classroom teachers the opportunity to (re)introduce the digital platforms, complete the distribution of loaner laptops and set routines.  During the parent forum yesterday afternoon I received several questions about which classes  have specials on Wednesday afternoons. Please see the Wednesday afternoon specials schedule below.

Wednesday Afternoon Specials:
1:25-1:45 All of Grade 5 and Apollos Kindergarten
1:50-2:10 All of Grade 3 and McKenna Kindergarten
2:15-2:35 All of Grade 1 and Gordon Kindergarten
2:40-3:00 All of Grade 2 and Ellis Kindergarten

Remote Learning Academy Information 
The following faculty members will be serving as teachers in our Remote Learning Academy:
Mary Goodwin, Kindergarten teacher
Tara Venuti, Grades 1 and 2 teacher
Joyce Carter, Grades 3 and 4 teacher
Nancy Dillon, Grade 5 teacher
Julie Basler, Mathematics teacher Grades 1-4

Our remote team will be reaching out to share the Zoom links for their welcome meetings on Tuesday.

Special Education Services
As in years past, the first week of school is when the related services providers and special education teachers finalize service delivery schedules.  The schedules for these services for students in both the in-person, and remote, environments will be disseminated by the end of the first week of school.

Angel Charles