November 3

The Thoreau Monthly:  November
As we planned to reopen this summer, I never dreamed we would still be open on November 3rd!  I am grateful for your support, the positivity and the vigilance of our entire school community in adhering to the guidelines we have set forth, and I remind myself on a daily basis that every day we are open is a gift. Thank you!

Mini-Spirit Week and “Turkey Trot”:
Between November 6th and November 25th, join the Thoreau School community by running or walking one mile as you are able to for our virtual Turkey Trot! You could run with a sibling or your family or a friend. Remember to wear your mask! Bring in or email your teacher a picture after you complete your walk or run so you can be part of our Turkey Trot Wall! We will have a large turkey on the wall by the main office and add the student and faculty photos for all to see.

The week before Thanksgiving break we will be holding a mini-spirit week consisting of three theme days:

  • Monday 11/23:  Comfy Clothes Day  Begin the week in your comfiest ensemble!
  • Tuesday 11/24:  Go Team Day!  Nothing can dampen your team spirit!  Come to school wearing your favorite sports team swag.
  • Wednesday 11/25:  Thoreau Pride Day  Show your support for Thoreau by wearing your Thoreau swag or our school colors:  blue and white.

Afternoon Attendance:
As you may have seen in Dr. Hunter’s email last week, participation in afternoon Zooms and completion of asynchronous assignments is a mandatory component of the school day.  While we are able to front load much of our daily instruction into the mornings, we need the additional time in the afternoon to teach everything, particularly in a year when we are filling in gaps from last spring’s closure.  If your child is struggling to participate in any of their afternoon sessions, please reach out to their classroom teacher or specialist teacher so that they can strategize with you around how to help your child access the full day of learning.

“Winter is Coming” Food Drive for Open Table” Has Begun!
Banana boxes have been be placed in front of the school under the awning to collect donations. The theme is “Winter is Coming” and, based on Open Table’s most in demand items, we are seeking donations from families and staff that fall into the comfort food category.  We will use video and photographs to document our process and, on the Monday before Thanksgiving break, we will be donating the items in honor of our recent retirees:  Peggy Harrington, Roseanne Swain, Karla Keefe, Mehrnoosh Watson, Maria Schofield, Donna Macone and Debra Frederick.  Given how invested these folks were in the community at large, we plan to honor them in this small way and hope to share the video/photos with them and to let them know it on their behalf just before Thanksgiving.  Thank you!  Link to flyer here.

Pets at Arrival and Dismissal:
We respectfully request that parents who bring their pets to school during arrival or dismissal time keep them a safe distance from other students and clear of our entrances.  Thank you!

Upcoming Events:
11/4 K-5 Conference Day:  No School
11/11 Veterans Day:  No School
11/16 Professional Day:  No School
11/26-27 Thanksgiving Recess