February 10, 2022

Elementary Progress Reports:  Progress reports will be published through the Aspen Portal in the Published Reports section on the front page of the portal by 4:00 PM on February 18th. If you have multiple children attending Concord Public Schools or Concord-Carlisle High School, each child’s name will appear next to any available reports. Reports can be downloaded and saved as .pdf files if you wish.

To access the portal, login from the Parent menu of your child’s school website. A link to request a password reset can also be found at this website or email parentportal@concordps.org. If you have not already done so, please set a security question upon logging into the portal, so that you can self-recover if you forget your password in the future; password resets are addressed during business hours only.

Dismissal/Arrival: Important
With students needing to pass between the modular classrooms and the main building via the crosswalk in front of the loading dock, please avoid entering the parking lot and turning around in the loading dock. We also respectfully request that parents who bring their pets to school during arrival or dismissal time keep them a safe distance from other students and clear of our entrances.  Thank you!

Absence Reporting: Please report all absences/illnesses to the school office before the start of the school day via the attendance form posted on our school website: http://thoreau.concordps.org/report-attendance-form/. The absence phone line is no longer in service.

Bus Safety: From time-to-time it is useful to review basic rules for cooperation and safe travel by the school bus. We ask that families review these rules together.  They are intended to contribute to the safety and well-being of all passengers. These rules are also found on page 31 of the 2021-2022 Parent and Student Handbook. All students are expected to behave in a manner that demonstrates respect for themselves, their schoolmates and the adults with whom they come into contact. Student’s misconduct while riding the bus will result in disciplinary action that may range from temporary loss of student bus privileges to suspension from school.

Required Conduct aboard the Bus:

  • Riders must remain in seats or in place when the bus is in motion.
  • Whistling and shouting are not permitted.
  • Profanity and obscene language are forbidden.
  • The following disturbances are prohibited:
    • Pushing or wrestling.
    • Annoying other passengers or disturbing their possessions.
    • Talking to the driver.
    • Throwing objects within the bus or out of windows.
    • Climbing over seats.
    • Standing.
    • Opening or closing windows.
    • Leaning out of windows.
    • Littering the bus.
  • Parents will be held responsible for any defacing or damaging the bus.

Upcoming Events: 
2/11 PTG Meeting, 9:30 AM
2/21 Presidents’ Day
2/21-2/25 Winter Break:  No School