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Fall 2020 Remote Activities

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Spring 2020 Virtual School Activities


Click below for an Introduction to PE

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Click below to learn about a Tabata.  Then do the Tabata.

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Kindness Challenge- Take a basket of treats or a homemade card to a local fire station.

Physical Challenge-How many ½ jacks can you do in a minute?  ½ jacks are like jumping jacks but you only use your legs.  Your arms can stay on your waist.  Do as many as you can in a minute.  Repeat 2 more times.

Workout- Old Town Road Tabata (5 min) or You Pick Tabata (7 1/2 min)

Dance-Disney Dance Workout

A special message from your teachers!

Have a great summer!

I miss you all so much!  The weather is getting nicer so I know many of you are going on walks and bike rides and spending time  exercising outside. Below you will find some other physical activities you can try. Also this week I will be "zooming" with all 4th graders on Tuesday, all 5th graders on Wednesday, and all 3rd graders on Thursday.  We are going to try exercising together so be prepared to move a bit.  All "zooms" are at 12:00 pm. I can't wait to see you!

  1. Kindness Challenge-This week let’s try to bring kindness outside of our homes.  Our mail carriers have been working hard to make sure we all get our mail on time.  This week leave a note of thanks in your mailbox for your mail carrier 🙂
  2. Physical Challenge-How many squats can you do 1 one minute? Time yourself and repeat 2 times. See if you can do better than your original score.  Remember to keep good form. How to do a squat
  3. Avengers Workout

      4. African Dance Workout

June 1st-8th
1. Physical Challenge (All)-Blow up a balloon and see how many times you can kick it up in the air without using any other part of your body.
2. Kindness Challenge(All)-Leave a note for an adult in your house. Tell them how much you appreciate them and thank them for how they help you or how they make you feel. Or, draw a picture for someone in your house.
3. Choose 1-3 of these workouts
     Spider Yoga  (Great for Grades K-2). 13 minutes.
     Spiderman Tabata Workout (Good for All). 4 minutes.
     Black Panther Tabata (Good for All). 4 1/2 minutes.
4. Trolls Dance (Good for All). 3 1/2 minutes
5.  Keep checking back as I will post some videos this week!

This week I have tried to post some very fun activities.  Remember that getting plenty of exercise will keep you healthier and happier.  It is recommended that we all exercise 60 minutes each day! I hope you enjoy doing these activities!


  1. Physical Challenge: Grades 1-5- How many jump rope jumps can you do in 1 minute? Time yourself for 1 minute, then repeat and try to beat your score. If you are in kindergarten we would just be learning how to jump rope in school.   I have a great tutorial for you so you can learn to  jump rope.  Practice for a few minutes!

                       How to Jump Rope (quick tutorial)

  1. Kindness Challenge: Send someone an email just to say “hi”.  You could email a grandparent, relative, or special friend. You can also always email me.  I miss you and would love to hear from you!  My email address is
  2. Game: Go out and play a game of catch with a sibling or adult that you live with. K-1- use an underhand throw pattern.  Grades 2-5- use an overhand throw pattern.  

                       Underhand Throwing Tutorial 

                       Overhand Throwing Tutoria

  1. Workout: I have 3 great workouts for you to choose from!  

                       Captain America (5 minute workout)

                       Elsa Workout (8 minutes)

                       HIIT Cardio & Ab Workout (30 minutes) This one would be good for older kids!

5. Dance: Here is another African Dance Workout (20 minutes).

1. Plank Challenge

Grades K-1- Forearm plank  Start in a crawl position. Lower your arms until you’re resting on your forearms. Then bring feet back so the only thing touching the floor is your forearms and toes.  Keep forearms parallel to each other with hands flat on the floor or clasped together.  Try to keep a tight core and straight back as you do this. Try to hold the plank for 30 seconds.  Repeat 3 times.

Grades  2-5- Plank with shoulder tap Start in a standard plank position so that only your hands and toes are touching the ground. Try to keep a tight core and straight back as you do this. Reach your right hand to tap your left shoulder and then put it back down. Repeat with your left hand tapping right shoulder. Repeat tapping your shoulders as you try to hold the plank for 30-60 seconds.  Repeat 3 times.

2. African Dance

Many of you told me that you really like doing African Dances.  Here is a new African Dance to try:

3.Take it Back (throwing game)- Grades K-1 can throw underhand. Grades 2-5 can throw overhand.

4. Kindness Challenge- Grade K-1 Draw a picture for a parent or a sibling. Grade 2-5 Write a note to a parent or sibling and tell them why they are special to you. You can thank them for the nice things they do for you or just tell them how much you care for them.

5.  Field Day Certificates-If you participated in field day and would like to print a certificate you can do so here:


I hope you had a fun Field Day on Friday!  See below for my New Lesson for the week of  May 11th-18th.


Kindergarten- Grade 2 - Try to hold a plank with good form for 30 seconds followed by 10 jumping jacks and 20 mountain climbers. Repeat if you want. 

Grade 3- 5 - Try to hold a plank with good form for 60 seconds followed by 20 jumping jacks and 30 mountain climbers. Repeat if you want.

Physical Challenge- How many sit-ups can you do in a minute?

Kindness Challenge- Give every person in your house a compliment each day this week!


 Brain Breaks -Body Boogie

 Cake by the Ocean - Kid's bop


Rally Battle  Maybe try this in the garage or on your driveway.

Squat and Sock Toss Game

Relaxation Activity-

 Peace Out Guided relaxation


New! Grades K- 5 - Please continue to practice for National Field Day to be held on Friday, May 8th. Do activity packet 3 and 4 . Once complete fill out practice plan 3.  Also, if you want you can always revisit Activity packs 1 and 2.  Don't forget to tune in for the "virtual torch run" all this week by clicking this link  Also, you can watch the opening ceremonies on Thursday, May 7th at 7:30 pm, by clicking this link  Have fun! If you want to send me pictures or videos (which I will try to post), have your parents send them to my email

Here are the links: 

NEW!  Activity Packet #3

NEW!  Practice Plan for Activity Packet #3

NEW!  Activity Packet #4 Relays


April27th-May 3rd

Grades k- 5 - Please start to practice for National Field Day to be held on Friday, May 8th. Do activity packet 1 & 2 . Once complete fill out practice plan 1 &2

Here are the links: 

Activity Packet #1

Activity Packet #2

Practice Plan for Activity Packet #1

Practice Plan for Activity Packet #2



Hope you had a great vacation!  These activities may be updated later in the week-stay tuned!

Kindergarten- Grade 2 - Try to hold a plank with good form for 30 seconds followed by 20 mountain climbers and 10 jumping jacks.

Grade 3- 5 - Try to hold a plank with good form for 60 seconds followed by 30 mountain climbers and 20 jumping jacks.

Kindness Challenge- Do a chore (like making your bed, clearing the dishes from the table, or loading the dishwasher) without being asked.

Week of April 13

K-1: You will need a cut up foam noodle or paper towel tube or rolled up newspaper,  (or just use your hands).
2nd-5th:   You will need drum sticks or pencils for this one (or just clap along).

Game Staircase Skee Ball  
Number each step by tens.  The first step is worth 10, the second step is worth 20, the third step is worth 30 and so on.  Toss 5 bean bags, rolled up socks, or crumpled paper balls and try to get them to land on a step.  See how many points you can get in 5 tosses.

Toss a ball up, touch the ground,  and catch the ball in the air (before it hits the ground).  I did 18 catches in 1 minute. If this is too hard just toss the ball up and clap your hands and then catch the ball.

Kindergarten (good for younger siblings too): 13 minute Yoga Safari can be found here:  
1st-3rd: Batman 8 minute workout can be found here:
3rd-5th: Thanks to Jack Reed for sharing this Julian Edelman workout:

I hope you have fun with these activities!  Don’t forget to email me by Sunday to record how many smiles you earn this week!  This week August & Emmett N. as well as Jack E. in 1st grade all earned smiles!



K-5 PE Choices for Virtual School Days

Week of April 4th

This week the weather forecast looks a little cloudy, but hopefully you can get outside and exercise.  On a recent walk my family stopped at an empty playground and played a fun basketball shooting game called Make It/Take It..  You can see the video below.

  1. Dance: Here is another African Dance Lesson.

  2. Game:  Make It/Take It. If you have a basketball hoop at home please try this.

  1. Challenge: How many toe touches can you do in 30 seconds? All you have to do is stand up straight and lift your right foot to your left hand.  Then lift your left foot to your right hand.  I did 55.

  2. Workout: Jump rope for 30 seconds /plank for 30 seconds/step-ups for 30 seconds/jumping jacks for 30 seconds.  Rest for 30 seconds. Repeat the cycle.

If you do any of these activities or if you exercise on your own please mark a smile on that day on your Miles for Smiles 2020 calendar.  Please only fill in 1 smile on each day (even if you do more than 1 exercise). Email me by Sunday night and let me know how many smiles you get this week.  Remember each smile equals 1 mile and I will track how many miles Thoreau School can get! In case you have not downloaded the calendar, here it is.


Week of March 30


Hi Everyone,
We know this time spent away from school and the “normal” routine can be difficult.  We have found some fun and easy yoga workouts for kids and families. We have posted a list of links to the videos below.  We hope you enjoy them.


Week of March 23

Quick and Easy Kid/Family Workouts

Hi Everyone,
We know this time spent away from school and the “normal” routine can be difficult.  We found a great website called Grouphiit, that has some fun and easy workouts for kids and families.  These workouts are called High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. We have posted a list of links to the videos below.  We hope you enjoy them.


Week of March 16

Juggle with Socks!  Try with one, two, or three socks.  Try “scooping”

Get Moving!  Scroll through these GoNoodle routines and pick one for you

Dance along to  Can’t Stop the Feeling!

Try these Student Led Tabatas Exercises
Any exercise can be incorporated into the Tabata training method.  The basic outline of the Tabata training method is as follows: 
               - 4 minutes long (whole Tabata Session) 
               - 20 seconds of intense training followed by 10 seconds of rest 
               - total of 8 sessions or rounds
For instance, you can do 20 seconds of jumping jacks and 10 seconds of rest.  You can switch out any high intensity exercise for the jumping jacks.

Challenge Activity: Grades 3-5  Ultimate 20 Minute Full Body Workout for Kids

Do you have access to a basement, garage, or driveway?
If so, try these:
         - Jump rope for 5 minutes
         - Practice dribbling a basketball for 5 minutes