General Information


Your child's home/school folder goes back and forth daily.

The best way to reach me is by email at Before and after school we have many meetings and planning sessions. If you would like to talk to me by phone or zoom, it is best for us to set up an appointment. 

Once we get going I will invite you to the Seesaw format. I primarily use Seesaw as a portfolio for your child and an opportunity for you to see what we are doing in the classroom. Seesaw will also be the format used for any virtual asynchronous work if needed.


We try to go outside every day. Please send your child dressed appropriately for all kinds of weather. Please label clothing.


Due to various health concerns, Thoreau School would like to refocus our classroom celebrations away from food and toward healthier activities. Here are some of the ways we make the birthday child feel special on his/her special day without using food items and a few suggestions:

  • The birthday child has a special crown and class card.
  • The birthday child is a special helper.
  • We have special classroom traditions.

Families can choose to donate a book or game to the classroom in honor of the birthday child, or families could give a token item to each child in the class (e.g. a pencil, sticker)

We appreciate your support regarding this initiative designed to keep all children healthier!

Other Stuff

Please send in an extra set of clothes (don't forget socks) that may also be kept in your child's locker.

We have a general rule in our classroom that we do not bring toys to use at school. Feel free to send in a photo for the locker or cubby if you feel your child may need a little something from home.