Class Rules

Created by Ms. McKenna's Class 2017

  1. We listen to others and look at the speaker.
  2. We are quiet when teachers talk.
  3. We try our best and do our work.
  4. We share.
  5. We raise our hand before speaking.
  6. We sit criss-cross.
  7. We are respectful to others.
  8. We clean-up and take care of our supplies.

Our class will be our "family away from home", so we all have to work together to become caring, safe, and cooperative learners. I will encourage respect for all, patience with others, self-control, safe behaviors, active listening, and good work ethic. We are all learners and we will try our best. We all make mistakes, and we can learn from our mistakes. Every day brings a fresh new beginning to learn! Every child in our class will receive guidance in making good decisions about their behavior. We will learn in a positive, nurturing classroom environment. It is important for each child to develop self-regulation, impulse-control, independence, good work habits, and skills to begin to resolve conflicts independently. I appreciate each child's family's support in reinforcing our classroom rules. Together we can work together to have a successful and joyous kindergarten year!