TAKE HOME folders: Your child will receive a TAKE HOME folder. Homework along with other classroom communication will be sent home in this folder.  Folders will be sent home EVERY DAY. Look for this folder in your child's back pack. Please help your child complete simple  homework assignments. I feel it is important to build this home-school connection and begin to develop a sense of responsibility. Please use as long as you need to complete homework. Please return completed work in your child's folder.

Homework tips: Always have your child complete any writing in pencil. If your child gets frustrated, stop and begin again another time. Always praise your child when completing homework!


As we review letters and sounds, I wil send home letter sheets for your child to complete.


Simple handwriting sheets will be sent home for practice. Please encourage your child to use a three - finger grip. Please encourage your child to strat all leters from the top to the bottom. We will practice upper case letters first and then move to lowercase after the new year.

Sight words (remember words)

Sight words are words that we see often when reading and writing. Beginning readers and writers should be able to recognize these words instantly. Many of these words can not be sounded out so remembering them helps a lot! We would like the children to learn 16 sight words by the end of kindergarten.

(list 1)

Reading to your child

I can not emphasize enough how important it is to read to your child every day. It builds vocabulary, concepts of print, story structure, and a love of reading.


Math extension sheets will be sent home at the end of each math unit.

Extending the curriculum

Please read our weekly newsletters and feel free to practice any of the concepts we are learning at school.