The Library does not currently have parent volunteers. 

What do our Library Volunteers Do? 

Volunteers are needed for each library class to check books in and out and to shelve returned materials. This job requires your commitment to the class schedule and coming in about once a month. Additional volunteers are needed to help keep our books in order on the shelves. This job is more loosely scheduled so that you can come  in whenever you like, including during your own child's library class time.

Signing up to volunteer

Volunteer sign-up is managed by the PTG, and is arranged at the beginning of each school year.  Library class volunteers are limited to four people for each class.  Class volunteer assignments are not necessarily filled on a first-come first-served basis, and in some cases we may not be able to place everyone who volunteers for the desk. In an effort to be fair, we weigh many factors when drawing up the schedule, including whether a person is volunteering for more than one class.

New library class volunteers must meet with the Library Assistant for training before their first scheduled session. Please contact Motoko directly at mmitarai@concordps.org.

 Shelf-reading keeps our books in order so that students and teachers can find our materials quickly, and is an excellent way to browse our collection. If you come during your child's library class time, you have the added bonus of seeing your child, and helping him or her choose books. The shelf-reading option also requires training. Please contact Motoko directly at mmitarai@concordps.org.

CORI approval is required
All volunteers must be CORI approved. Please contact the main office for more information on CORI procedures.