First Grade

Throughout the year students will work on clapping and playing simple rhythms using quarter notes, quarter rests and eighth notes.

First grade students learned the song "I'm an Acorn". We talked about Oak trees and even cracked some acorns outside. The students played woodblocks, single tone blocks and double tone blocks as an accompainment to the song. Listen to Mrs. Peirce's 2017 class sing "I'm an Acorn"


Students will sing some Halloween songs.
Listen to 1S sing Hurrah for Halloween (2017)


NEW songs
NEW ACORN 4-16-20

Watch " A Alligators All Around "
Try writing and illustrating your own letter of the alphabet.

Listen & Learn the words for the month of APRIL in "Chicken Soup With Rice" by Maurice Sendak. 

Chicken soup MAY

NEW 5-18-2020
click:BUTTERFLY to hear the new song
don't forget to illustrate your own letter from the song, "A Alligators" and send a pic to me. I've received 3 already.
                                           NEW 6-1-2020
Click on the word movie to hear and see the Butterfly cycle song. movie.





CHOPIN "Butterfly"
If you want to act out the butterfly cycle like we did during our zoom class here are the moves.
Start with your arms stretched out. One arm is the branch, the other the butterfly.
Have the butterfly fly to the branch and lay the eggs. The eggs hatch and the caterpillar crawls up the branch.
A chrysalis forms then the butterfly starts to break through the chrysalis. It moves it's wings slowly, then bigger Then the whole process starts again.

The students will study African music and learn about different African Drums

They will sing African songs during the month of February and March.
Kye Kye Kule, Eh Soom Ba, Sorida, Obwa se me sah, 

Kye Kye Kule video link. Watch this video by Mrs. Swain and sing along.



talking drumjembe