Virtual School Day

K-5 Music Choices for Virtual School Day
This week I'll be zooming with the following classes;
3rd grade 1:30-1:50     4th grade 2:00- 2:20        5th grade 2:30-2:50
This week's lesson is actually a special video the specialists and I created. I hope you enjoy it!

1st grade;I posted a version of Chopin's "Butterfly" on your web page

On Wednesday I will zoom with the following classes:
Kindergarten: 1:30-1:50
(k teachers sent the correct zoom invite for this week's lesson)
1st grade: 2:00-2:20
2nd grade: 2:30-2:50
June 14th is Flag Day. 
Please click on the word Flag Day and read the document before you click on the two videos I've attached.
Flag Day
Stars and Stripes performed by the Boston Pops Click
You're a Grand Old Flag by George M Cohan  CLICK


Monday, June 1

I can’t believe it’s already June. Hopefully you have been getting outside with this beautiful weather.  Glad we’re not in my steamy, humid music room!
I look forward to zooming with my 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students this week. Here is the schedule:
WEDNESDAY 1:30-1:50- 3rd grade
                               2:00-2:20 – 4th grade 
       (check out the new single reed videos on your web page under woodwind family)
                                2:30- 2:50 – 5th grade
We’ll review the song “Up Above My Head”. I hope you had a chance to see the recording Mr. Piper made of this song.
*Please bring a plastic cup to our next zoom class.

This week I would like to introduce you to a musician who was a great singer, dancer and also composed some songs.
Click here to see whom this person is CLICK
Here are some movie clips of this person singing and dancing  MOVIE

Kindergarten: I posted the rhythm sheet I showed you on Wednesday on the kindergarten web site. Create a rhythm that you can either send to me or bring to our next zoom music class. Remember the rest is equal to 1 silent beat.
1st grade: I've added the new Butterfly song we sang last week.
2nd grade: I  posted a new song on your music web page called, "Long Legged Sailor"


Hi Everyone,
I hope you enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend. I spent a lot of time walking the beach in Truro looking for shells
and flat rocks that I could paint with messages of Joy.

I had a great time seeing the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders last Wednesday. I hope you found some “Joy” this weekend.
I look forward to zooming with the k, 1st and 2nd graders again this Wednesday. Here is the schedule:
K   1:30-1:50
1st 2:00- 2:20
2nd 2:30- 2:50

On Thursday and Friday of last week, Google posted a great lesson on the Mbira, an ancient African instrument. If you didn’t see it, try googling it. MBIRA

K, 1, 2:
Listen to me sing the song, “Down by the Bay”.
Try and make up your own verse to share on Wednesday.
Make sure the lines rhyme. Example: Did you ever see a cat, swinging a bat, down by the bay.
The following songs can be found on your grade level music web page.
2nd grade
: practice the song, “Head and Shoulders Baby”, from last week
1st grade: practice the song “Butterfly”. Bring your “A Alligator” pictures to share at our zoom class
K: We’ll be singing the song, “Plant my Garden”, so make sure you’ve listened to it.

3, 4, 5:
I posted a recording of the song, “Up Above My Head” performed by Mr. Piper, Willard music teacher. He plays a great guitar accompaniment that I think you’ll enjoy hearing. SONG

Look at the chart I’ve attached to help remind you how many beats each note and rests are worth. Try to do the music math problem at the bottom. I will give you the answer next week. CHART

Practice how many beats each note and rests are worth in this See-Saw game. You might have to update your adobe flash drive to open it up. SEE-SAW 


5-18- 2020
It was great seeing my Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students last week during my zoom music classes. I’ve added a new song in your music grade level web page for you to practice. K- Plant my Garden  1st:Butterfly  2nd : Head and Shoulders Baby
On Wednesday I look forward to seeing my 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students.
Here is schedule:
3rd grade 1:30 -1:50 (please have a pencil, or wooden spoon to practice our recorder fingerings)
4th grade 2:00 -2:20   have a pencil and paper with you when you zoom
 5th grade 2:30–2:50 have a pencil and paper with you when you zoom

Your classroom teacher will share the link to my zoom class with you.
Click on the link below to practice naming the notes on the treble staff before my zoom class. You might have to update adobe flash on your computer to open the link. Once you’ve played the Word Warrior game you can click on Quizzes at the top of the page to see other games.
The Treble Note Rally is another good review for note names on the treble staff.

Click on this link to practice treble note reading and review some information on Beethoven Click


The Boston Pops orchestra posted a great virtual concert of the piece, “Summon the Heroes” by John Williams. It’s 8 minutes long but I think you’ll enjoy watching all the players at their homes playing their instruments as Keith Lockhart conducts them. It’s amazing what people can do online. See if you can spot the percussion players outside in their backyard, the piccolo player, the cellos, the harp player. CONCERT 

This week we'll learn about the composer John Williams. Here are some fun facts about him
John Williams

Now try and do the John Williams word search.  It is very difficult WORD SEARCH
The 9 phrases/words you must find are: American, Composer, Conductor, Piano, Movie, John Williams, Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Harry Potter.

I hope you all had a chance to experiment making music using Chrome Music Lab. (The link is below )
Google posted a fun music experiment site. In case you missed it, go to Oskar Fischinger-Google  and the music experiment should pop up

1st grade  Chicken Soup MAY

On Wednesday I’ll be hosting three, grade level, zoom meetings. 
I’ll be meeting with all Kindergarten classes.
2:00-2:20 I’ll be meeting with all 1st graders.
2:30-2:50 I’ll be meeting with all 2nd graders.
Check your emails for details on how you can join these zoom meetings with Mrs. Swain.
The following week I’ll be meeting with grades 3, 4 and 5.

Happy May!
Hope you had a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather we had this weekend. This week I'm posting a link to a webpage called Chrome Music. It's a web page for creative music and sounds and is geared for all grades. I tried all the different labs and here is  a description of the ones I really liked. After you've checked out the different music labs, please click the attached link and fill out my google form so I know how you liked this lesson.FORM
Chrome Music word doc


EXTRA ACTIVITIES on grade level music web page:  K- Mr. Sun    3-5 -continuation of the composer Beethoven. The lesson can found on the 5th grade music web page.


Good Morning , on this 6th week of virtual music class.
I miss singing and dancing with you in the classroom.  I hope you had some fun during our "Spring vacation". Did you watched the Midnight Ride video at the bottom of this page on Patriots Day? It's all about Paul Revere.
This week we are going to study the composer Ludwig van Beethoven. He was born in Germany in 1770 and Died in Austria in 1827. How old was he when he died? ( answer at bottom of this message).
Beethoven composed many pieces of music. Moonlight Sonata and Fur Elise are two pieces many of you have heard or played on the piano. He also composed 9 symphonies. A symphony is a long orchestral piece of music, usually divided into 3 or 4 movements. “Ode to Joy” is part of the 4th movement in his 9th symphony.

To learn more about Beethoven, please click on the link to the Beethoven site on Brain Pop.
1.Watch the movie
2.Try taking the quiz and challenge
3.Play the Time zone game. It is difficult. You need to drag the facts they give you and place them in the correct time line order
On the lower part of the Beethoven page there is a section called Related Topics.                                                                       

I opened the Hearing (great for learning about how we hear sound waves) and String Instrument lessons (great review for 4th grade).
The Meaning of Beep game in Hearing is very difficult.
Sortify in String Instruments is tricky. You need to place the instruments into the correct bucket. Place an instrument in the bucket then choose the correct label. Place all other instruments that go into that labeled bucket. HINT: some of the percussion instruments belong under the African or Caribbean label.
TIME ZONE; is just like the time zone game from the Beethoven page. In fact, you will see some of the same clues.

When you have checked out all the information and games on the Brain Pop Beethoven page, click the link below to try your luck at placing measures of music, from Beethoven’s famous compositions, in the correct order. CLICK

*Beethoven was 57 when he died
Please click on this link and fill out my google form.

* 3rd grade; Try the "Ode to Joy" virtual recorder lesson on the 3rd grade music page
K and 1st grade: sing and dance to the song "Old Brass Wagon". ( a recording can be found on the K music page)


It's hard to believe this is our 5th week home. I've been enjoying walks around Walden Pond, reading and doing puzzles. Patriots Day is coming up and since we can't have any parades I'm posting a video of the Minuteman fifers playing a song in downtown Concord right before we were asked to stay home.   FIFE
5th graders: I've added a garageband lesson that you can find on the 5th grade web page.
3rd grade: I added a new recorder lesson, Mr. Cool
K-1 : Make sure you check out the dance video Ms. Murphy posted. It is a great movement activity that lets you practice keeping the steady beat, and important element of music.
1st grade: Check out the NEW Acorn video I posted on the 1st grade web page.
4th grade: Go to the 4th grade music web page. I've added more lesson, pictures and videos to the Woodwind section.

.Thanks to all the students that have sent me videos of themselves playing songs on the piano or singing. I really love seeing them.


Week 4
I hope everyone is doing well and you enjoyed my morning announcements for Monday, April 6th. You can find a recording of me singing "Happy Birthday" on the Thoreau School Songs page and a video of the song ,"This Land is Your Land". Enjoy.

K-2 I've added a video of the song "Alligator in the Elevator" by Rick Charette under the k-2 activities below on this page.

K: Try learning the new song and dance, "Put Your little foot"
1st Grade:  Continue to sing the Maurice Sendak songs and create your own words and illustrations to, "A Alligators". Check out the letter I did on the 1st grade music web page.
2nd Grade: On the 2nd grade music web page I've added the accompaniments for the songs," Drinking Gourd, and "Feed the Birds" from Mary Poppins.
3rd Grade: On the 3rd grade music web page I recorded the piano part to " Mumble Grumble". I  created my own verse. Try and compose your own verse.
4th Grade: The woodwind family is our next family of instruments. A Woodwind lesson is posted on the 4th grade music web page. Hope you were able to compose your own verse for the song "Quartermaster Corps",  which is also on 4th grade music web page.
5th Grade: Continue singing rounds, partner songs and our chorus songs, which you can hear on the 5th grade music web page. Don't forget to check out the music web sites listed at the bottom of this page. Try the music math problems on the 5th grade music page.


Hello Everyone,
It's the start if week 3 and I hope you're finding ways to keep busy and checking out the music ideas I have posted on my web page. I've added some more songs and will add more after Wednesday when I can get my piano accompaniments from school. A Reminder: If there is a song from music class that you would like the piano accompaniment for, email me and I will record it for you if I can. I've added a virtual music log page for you to fill out to let me know what music activity you've done at home.
Here's What's New This Week:
Kindergarten: I've added Baby Beluga and the Months song to your web page
1st grade: I added the April verse to Chicken Soup
2nd grade: I added a link to the song; Teaching Peace by Red Grammer
3rd grade: I added Warriors Brave to the Virtual Recorder lessons found on the 3rd grade website

4th grade: I added the piano accompaniment for "Quartermaster Corps" and a challenge for you to create your own verse.
5th grade: I am trying to record a lesson for those of you that have access to Garage Band. Stay tuned.
Grades 3-5:
I've added some music web pages that will help you practice your music theory skills. They are at the bottom of this page.
I hope to see everyone soon.
Mrs. Swain

Activities by Grade Level
Grades K-2

Grades 3-5

  • Make a list of songs you’ve learned in Music class and sing one of them. (Examples: The School Song, Patriotic songs, seasonal songs.)
  • Make of list of different instruments you've played or learned about in Music class. You can also include which Family of Instruments they belong to. 
  • Think about a composer or a musician you’ve learned about in Music class. Write 3-5 sentences about your favorite one.
  • If you have a printer, print out this music word search and see if you can find all the different genres of musicTypes of music word search
  • If you have a printer, print out the Musical Note crossword puzzle and identify the notes on the treble staff.musical notes

Practice singing these Spanish Songs

Practice singing these songs for your grade level

Kindergarten Songs

Grade 1 Songs

Grade 2 Songs

Grade 3 Songs

Grade 4 Songs

Grade 5 Songs

Learn about the instruments in the orchestra, musical symbols, and notation when you click on the link below.

Watch and sing along to this Allegra video.  Recognize anything?
Watch the Midnight ride Video

Try and dance to this Irish Step Video


*visit this page for some musical concept games

*visit this page to practice your note reading :

*visit this page for some music games..

I really like: Music Spin off, Instrument Family Quiz, Identify the Instrument sound,
Listen to the Rhythm, Fabulous Four, & Rhythm Penalty.
Let me know which games you like