General Information

School Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - 8:50 to 3:25

Wednesday  - 8:50 - 12:25


  • I hope that you will feel free to contact me regarding any concerns, questions, or interests throughout the year. I feel it is important to keep an open line of communication between home and school.
  • I can be reached by email:  I do my best to respond within 24 hours. 
  • There will be two formal parent-teacher conferences scheduled during the year (November and April). We can set up any additional meetings throughout the year as needed or desired.

Quiet Time: We will have "quiet time" following lunch/recess on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. During this time, lights will be dimmed and children will be encouraged to relax, look at books, or draw for 20 minutes. 

Snack/lunch: Please send a small healthy snack and drink to school daily with your child. (no candy please). On long days, your child has the opportunity to eat a snack in the afternoon. On these days, send your child to school with a second snack for the afternoon if you think your child will need it.   

On long days, please send lunch to school with your child or plan for your child to get the school lunch. Please pack your child's snacks separately from their lunch. PLEASE INFORM ME IMMEDIATELY OF ANY ALLERGIES YOUR CHILD MAY HAVE.

Backpacks: Your child will need a backpack each day to hold a snack, a lunch, and their take-home folder. Please make sure backpacks are big enough for your child to easily pack and unpack their items independently.  

Recycling Bags: The bulk of your child's big projects will be sent home, as needed, in a recycled bag.  Please send these bags back to school on the following day and replace any lost bags.

Take-Home Folders: Your child will have a take-home folder that will go to and from school every day, regardless of whether there are papers to go home. I ask that you send any dismissal notes, general letters, or any other important information to school in your child's folder.  In return, I will send any important letters, handouts, forms, etc. to you in the folder as well. Most student work will be sent home in folders.  I will check your child's folder every morning and I ask that you and your child check the folder every night.  

Recess: We will try to go outside every day, weather permitting. Please send your child to school dressed for all kinds of weather! Labeling clothing is a huge help.                                                                                              

Extra clothes: Please send in an extra set of clothes (don't forget underwear and socks) in a plastic bag labeled with your child's name. Please change the clothes in the bag according to the season.  

Toys: Toys are not allowed to be sent to school at any grade level.

Birthday Celebrations: Birthdays are a special time for children! Here in kindergarten, we hope to make the birthday child feel special with the following activities:

  1. The Birthday child will wear a special sticker and crown.
  2. The class will sing the birthday song to the birthday child and sign a card for them.
  3. The Birthday child will move their picture on the class age graph.

Kindergarten Assistant: We are very fortunate to have Carrie Kenney, a full-time kindergarten assistant, in our class. She is a valuable aide!

Dismissal Routine: Please send a note to school in your child's take-home folder if your child has a different dismissal plan from their original routine.  If your child is already in school and there is a change in their dismissal plan for that day, I ask that you call the main office and speak with one of our administrative assistants. This way, I am guaranteed to receive the message.  Without a note or a direct message from you, your child will be sent home the originally stated way. At the end of the school day, I will bring your child to their bus safely each day.  The pickup location is at the basketball court by the lower playground.  If it is raining, the pickup location is in the cafeteria.  Students that are being picked up, will be escorted from my classroom directly to you in the designated pick-up area by our kindergarten aide.