Stop Motion Animation


At Thoreau School we have access to equipment for making stop-motion animations.
We use software called HUE Animation on Macbooks along with iCreate cameras.
We also use an app called MyCreate on the iPads, which have a built-in camera.

Students:  Go to Camera > Settings to choose a different camera within the HUE software.
If you have trouble switching cameras, unplug the camera, replug the camera, and try again.

Check out the links below for helpful animation tips.  Terrific for any animation project, not just Legos.

HUE Animation Tips: How to create special effects

HUE Animation Examples

Lego Brickfilm Tips and Tricks for Stop Motion Animation

Lego Videos (I hope these return soon)
              -Animation Tips & Tricks
              -Storyboard and Editing Tips & Tricks
              -Camera Tips & Tricks
              -Lighting Tips & Tricks
              -Building Tips & Tricks

Click here for storyboard templates to use for planning.

Click here to browse and download royalty free music by Incompetech for video and animation projects.

Student Work Samples:  Check out these animation projects by Alcott Artists, as well as other artists.