General Information


Kindergarten School Hours are:
8:50-12:30  Wednesday 
8:50-3:30    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Communication: I hope that you will feel free to contact me regarding any concerns, questions, or interests throughout the year. I feel it is important to keep an open line of communication between home and school.

I can be reached by e-mail:, or by phone 978 341-2490 X 3135 (do not leave urgent messages such as dismissal information on my voice or e-mail. In this case, please talk directly to the school secretary), or send a note to class with your child.

There will be two formal teacher-parent conferences scheduled during the year (November and April). We can set up any additional meetings through out the year as needed or desired.

Quiet Time: We will have "quiet time" following lunch/recess on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. During this time, children will be encouraged to rest for 20 minutes. They will be instructed to sit or lay on a towel or blanket brought from home. They may look at books quietly, or rest. lights will be dimmed and soft music playing. Please send in a beach towel or small blanket in the "quiet time bag" provided. Please no pillows or stuffed animals. This bag will be sent home periodically for the towel/blanket to be washed. Please send the bag back to school A.S.A.P.

Snack/lunch: Please send a small healthy snack and drink to school daily with your child. (no candy please). On long days, we will encourage your child to eat the remainder of their lunch or morning snack in the afternoon. Please send a second snack on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday for the afternoon if you think your child will need it.

On long days, please send lunch to school with your child or plan for your child to buy lunch. School lunch menus can be found in the Concord Journal and Thursday Announcements. Desserts are not available to kindergarteners. Please label snack and lunch in your child's backpack to allow for easy access. We will be encouraging your child not to waste food and to take home any uneaten food that was brought to school. The school has an allergen free table in the cafe. PLEASE INFORM ME IMMEDIATELY OF ANY ALLERGIES YOUR CHILD MAY HAVE.

Backpacks: Your child will need a backpack each day to hold snack, papers and notices. Please be sure that your child can easily take his/her snack/lunch sack out of the backpack. Practice at home if needed! The bulk of our school work and projects will be sent home once a week in recycling bags. Please send these bags back to school each week. Please replace any lost bags!

Recess: We will try to go outside everyday, weather permitting. Please send your child to school dressed for all kinds of weather! Labeling clothing is a big help!                                                                                               

Extra clothes: Please send in an extra set of clothes (don't forget underwear and socks) that your child can keep in their locker for emergencies.

Toys: Toys are not allowed to be sent to school at any grade level.

Birthday Celebrations: Birthdays are a special time for children! Here in kindergarten, we hope to make the birthday child feel special with the following activities:

  1. The Birthday child will wear a special sticker and crown all day.
  2. The birthday child will be first to choose all activities and jobs for the day.
  3. The class will sing the birthday song to the birthday child and make cards for him/her.
  4. Families could donate a book or game to the classroom in honor of the birthday child,

                        or families could give a token item to each child in the class (e.g. a pencil, sticker . . . ).

  1. The birthday child will take "Mr. Bear" home for their birthday celebration!

Due to various health concerns, Thoreau School would like to refocus our classroom celebrations away from food and towards healthier activities. Thank you for your support in this initiative.

Kindergarten Assistant: We are very fortunate to have a full time kindergarten assistant in our class. Our assistant is Mrs. S!

Dismissal Routine: Please send a written note to school or call the office anytime your child is to be dropped off at a different bus stop or when you or someone else will be picking him/her up from school. Please show your child where you put the note in his/her backpack so he/she will hand it to a teacher when they arrive to school. Without a note, your child will be sent home the originally stated way. This is for your child's safety. I will put your child on their bus home safely each day or hand them to you for pick up. The pick up location is at the basketball court in the back of the school. Please do not come directly to the classroom for pick up. Thank you!

Homework: Many kindergarten children love homework! It often makes them feel "more grown up", or be like an older sibling. Most importantly, homework helps build a connection between home and school. Kindergarten homework will be assigned periodically and will consist of cutting out pictures of objects beginning with an initial sound, or counting items in the home. We hope you will encourage your child to engage in these activities and have fun together in the process! There is not a rush in completion of the homework. Just send in the completed work when you are done!