Our parents are always welcome to volunteer in our classroom. During our busy worktime, we consider parent volunteers an invaluable resource! The children love seeing familiar adults in their classroom! Please consider volunteering!


Volunteer activities include:

Chaperoning field trips, Supervising at center activities, Sharing a family tradition, hobby or skill.

Our Room Parents will schedule our classroom volunteers starting in late October. One Parent is needed for center activities for 45 minutes on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.


Tips for vounteering in the classroom:

  • Please arrive 5 minutes early to recieve center directions from our kindergarten assistant.
  • Please assist all the children at the center. Explain to your child that this is why you are here.
  • Please encourage the children to fulfill the directions by themselves.   Limited help is best, unless of course more is needed. We are trying to encourage independence!
  • Encourage details, completeness, and accuracy. Many children may often rush in order to have play time.
  • Encourage the children to stay in their seats, and to be on task. Noise level at the center should be minimal.
  • Completed work should be checked (by you) , and placed in the "pink tub" by the child.
  • Encourage the children to clean up after themselves. "Free Play" is permitted when children finish their work.
  • If your entire center is completed and you would like to stay until snack begins, please feel free to interact with your child independently at this time, or read to a small group of children who are interested.
  • Have Fun! The children enjoy seeing you here, and they are so much fun to be with!


Please keep all children's behaviors and skill levels confidential. Please avoid comparing the children. They are at various levels at this early stage of learning.

Your child's behavior

Your child's behavior may be quite different than it usually is in kindergarten while you are here. They may become clingy and dependent on you, or they may "show off". This is common, but of course not encouraged. We promote independent behavior in kindergarten. Please remind your child of this.

Kindergarten writing

Encourage the children to "sound out" and write the letters that they hear in each word.

If a child would like to copy accurate spelling, then you may write words on scrap paper for them to copy.

Thank you

Thank you again for all of your help. We could not do as much as we do with out it.   Please consider coming in to volunteer often.